Connecting the world independent music in the capital of Brazil

Brasilia is an amazing cultural center in the heart of Brazil. In addition to its clean straight lines and rational urban planning, the city is one of the main musical production hotspot in the country. Tropical Conéxion is a unique initiative: an independent music festival that connects local and international artists, offering to the audience a charming and intoxicating experience, as well as a repository of cutting-edge Brazilian artists, a portfolio of styles and aesthetics, bringing the best of Brazilian music to the stages throughout Brazil and the world.

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Tropical Connexion is a select artists showcase from the capital of Brazil, Brasília. We bring to market new promising talents from the local scene with a modern perspective over Latin America sonority. Browse below through the artists.

A recently established independent cultural production company focused on events, video clips and digital platforms. Flores Pretas works with an international production team, bringing together designers, writers, directors, photographers and cultural products around unique productions with a Brazilian flavour.