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Rafa Dornelles is an experienced Brazilian guitar player, having played around Brazil and North America (USA and Canada). As a lover of rhythm, Rafa was led by African-American flavors while developing his own languages in the electric guitar. Through the years, he was equally influenced by U.S. Afro rhythms, UK Rock and Blues, Latin and Brazilian folk beats.
Currently based in Bristol, after the first exploratory and percussive album with his percussion orchestra “Som da Pele” that were really well received in Brazil, Rafa started a new journey with the trio launching in January 2018 the album “Master of Landscapes”. The trio invites the listeners to feel the energy and flow with us beyond sounding landscapes. Building the connection without any words, just the sound leading us into the unknown. Rafa Dornelles (Guitar), Daniel Plimmer (Bass) and William Vick (Drums) expand the boundaries of Latin Jazz bringing some modern trip-hop, new-soul and contemporary Brazilian music influences to original compositions.



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